Factory Automation

Transfer Systems

We meet the needs and expectations of the industry in the field of factory automation and transfer systems for White Goods, Automotive, Glass Industry and General Industry with our "innovative engineering" approach. Depending on the length, cycle time and speed of the transfer system, we offer end-to-end and alternative engineering solutions starting from design, project design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the system with our track-specific engineering solutions.

In transfer systems, the movements are mostly obtained by servo and, in appropriate axes, by pneumatic drive. In the systems, depending on the specificities of the working area, the track and the material to be transferred, the method of robotic application and the number of axes vary. Thanks to our transfer systems that we have built by taking all these variables into account, we produce fast applications and efficient solutions for the industry.

Partners of Innovative Engineering

Makers always has the excitement, dedication and effort necessary with a consistent engineering approach to achieve successful projects with its solution partner by focusing on the target.