Factory Automation

Welding Applications

We, as Makers, have a very significant welding automation manufacturing experience thanks to our welding lines that we have installed especially for the white goods industry.

We produce alternative solutions for the industry in our applications that we have developed with the welding line expertise that makes mass production for different products and processes in factories with different characteristics.

We determine the specificities of the welding line and process by taking into account both the material properties and the geometric structure of the product to be processed. Depending on this data, we offer useful engineering solutions using MFDC and AC welding techniques.

We frequently use MFDC welding technologies, which we have completed with medium frequency resistance welding technology, which increases the quality of welding production, consumes less energy and welds faster, especially in the white goods sector, in the welding processes of wires and baskets used in dishwashers, welding in oven chassis production lines, and welding in joining lines.

Partners of Innovative Engineering

Makers always has the excitement, dedication and effort necessary with a consistent engineering approach to achieve successful projects with its solution partner by focusing on the target.