Glass Drilling Machine

It is a machine that drills holes on flat glass at high precision coordinates determined for use in the white goods industry. Depending on the process, it drills 4 or 2 serial holes on the flat glass material flowing on the serial production line.

The machine can be used independently or it can be placed between the glass automation line. It is an automated part of a large line with the process of drilling, drilling, washing, screen printing and tempering.

Made for the glass industry and operating on a flat glass production line, the machine reflects Makers' innovative engineering approach in terms of its compact structure and speed. In the glass flow on the conveyor, glass loading and unloading cartesian robots are placed between the line. 3-axis cartesians load and unload glass at the entrance and exit. It includes 2 servo motors and a C-axis.

There is automatic setup according to the glass size and hole coordinate-diameter prescriptions entered into the PLC software. There are photoelectric and glass vision sensors for glass tracking on the inlet conveyor, in-machine and outlet conveyor.

The required diamond coated drilling tools are mounted on the spindles by the operator.

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