Welding Machine

As HKTM, we delivered 2 sets of this machine to the leading auxiliary industry company of the white goods sector in Turkey, where we maintained our activity in the previous years, and this year we delivered our first welding project, which we carried out as MAKERS.

We design our semi-automatic welding machines for medium and high-volume production users in order to meet customer needs accurately, without requiring a long time for mechanical adjustments, in an easy-to-make way, with extremely simple operation. Our welding machines can be considered extremely useful and versatile in order to meet specific needs derived from market requirements.

We look forward to meeting you not only with our welding applications in the White Goods Sector but also in the automotive, glass and general industries, where we will exhibit our expertise as MAKERS in better quality, fast and less energy-consuming MFDC welding technologies, double component bonding applications where we do surface cleaning beforehand, transfer pick & place applications and turnkey solutions using technological products in process-oriented assembly applications.

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