Transfer Systems

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We meet the needs and expectations of the industry in the field of factory automation and transfer systems with our "innovative engineering" approach.

Welding Applications

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We, as Makers, have a very significant welding automation manufacturing experience thanks to our welding lines that we have installed especially for the white goods industry

Assembly Lines

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We produce modular automatic assembly lines for factory automation where all positions and movements can be changed with a single command.

Bonding Lines

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Bonding lines are automation applications where error tolerance ranges are very low. The process, which starts with holding the material to be bonded in the appropriate...


Factory Automation

Makers, with its strong team with experience in factory automation, carries out all processes from project design to delivery with the same quality level. All production takes place in the production machine parks in Makers’s plant.


Robotic Applications

Makers use 6 axis or cartesian robot technologies according to the needs of the customers’s project in machine or assembly line. We design and optimize application systems with simulation applications before manufacturing with our robotics team, who are especially competent in handling, palletizing, part feeding and gluing applications.


Machinery and Line Manufacturing

Makers aim to make machine manufacturing solutions compatible industry 4.0 for the demands of our solution partners in welding automation, transfer systems, bonding automation and assembly lines with our experience in home appliance, automotive, glass and general industry.


Makers is a new and fast-growing group company established under the leadership of the core team of HKTM, which has the ability to do business in Turkey and all over the world and has the sectoral experience, and has been organized with the aim of signing major automation projects worldwide, focusing especially in the field of white goods factory automation.

Working with up-to-date technology facilities, talented human resources, and corporate business policies and principles, Makers produces innovative engineering solutions to bring them together with the industry in conditions that will be efficient and profitable for everyone.

White Goods Sector
Automotive Industry
Glass Industry
General Industry

Partners of Innovative Engineering

Makers always has the excitement, dedication and effort necessary with a consistent engineering approach to achieve successful projects with its solution partner by focusing on the target.